Regular Season Schedule Released

Updated: June 21, 2012

With the Stanley Cup Finals ending just a bit ago in mid June, the 2012-2013 NHL regular season schedule has been released. The season will start a bit later this year, with Buffalo playing it’s final preseason game on October 6th vs. Columbus.

The Buffalo Sabres regular season will begin on October 13th when it hosts the Penguins. That’s a Saturday game and the first of a three game homestand. The Sabres will host the Red Wings and Rangers.

The Sabres will close out the season hosting the Bruins on Saturday, April 13th.

The Sabres will have six home and home series. Those are with New Jersey (Oct. 24th and 26th), Philadelphia (Nov. 16th and 17th), Montreal (Dec. 6th and 8th), Montreal (Dec 15th and 17th), Boston (Feb. 6th and 8th), and Ottawa (Feb 10th and 12th).

The Sabres longest road trip is four games, which they will do twice. The longest homestand is also four games.

However, from February 18th to March 28th the Sabres play 18 games, 13 of which are on the road.

SundayJan. 20thW 5-2Home
MondayJan. 21stW 2-1Away
ThursdayJan. 24thL 6-3Away
FridayJan. 25thL 3-1Home
SundayJan. 27thL 3-2Away
TuesdayJan. 29thL 4-3 (OT)Home
ThursdayJan. 31stW 7-4Away
SaturdayFeb. 2ndL 6-1Away
SundayFeb. 3rdL 4-3Home
TuesdayFeb. 5thL 4-3Away
ThursdayFeb. 7thW 4-3 (SO)Home
SaturdayFeb. 9thW 3-2Away
SundayFeb. 10thL 3-1Home
TuesdayFeb. 12thL 2-0Away
FridayFeb. 15thW 4-2Home
SundayFeb. 17thL 4-3Home
TuesdayFeb. 19thL 2-1Home
ThursdayFeb. 21stL 3-1Away
SaturdayFeb. 23rdL 4-0Home
TuesdayFeb. 26thW 2-1Away
ThursdayFeb. 28thW 4-3 (SO)Away
SaturdayMar. 2ndW 4-3 (SO)Home
SundayMar. 3rdL 3-2 (SO)Away
TuesdayMar. 5thL 4-3Away
ThursdayMar. 7thL 3-2 (SO)Away
SundayMar. 10thL 3-2Away
TuesdayMar. 12thW 3-1Home
SaturdayMar. 16thL 4-3 (OT)Home
SundayMar. 17thL 5-3Away
TuesdayMar. 19thW 3-2 (OT)Away
ThursdayMar. 21stW 5-4 (SO)Home
SaturdayMar. 23rdW 2-1Away
TuesdayMar. 26thL 2-1Away
ThursdayMar. 28thL 5-4 (SO)Away
SaturdayMar. 30thL 4-3 (SO)Home
SundayMar. 31stL 2-0Home
TuesdayApr. 2ndW 4-1Away
FridayApr. 5thW 4-2Home
SundayApr. 7thW 3-2 (SO)Home
TuesdayApr. 9thL 4-1Away
ThursdayApr. 11thL 5-1Home
SaturdayApr. 13thW 1-0Home
SundayApr. 14thW 3-1Home
WednesdayApr. 17thW 3-2 (SO)Away
FridayApr. 19thL 8-4Home
MondayApr. 22ndL 2-1Home
TuesdayApr. 23rdW 4-2Away
FridayApr. 26thW 2-1 (SO)Home

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