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2017 Pick ‘Em


Congratulations to Tom Buseck for winning this year’s tournament!

Thank you all for participating and we hope that you’ll come back and play again next year.

*Lou Moretti was selected as a random winner for participating in all 82 games this season.
He wins a Dave & Adam’s gift certificate and a Jack Eichel poster. 

How to play

Your objective is to attempt to predict the exact score of each Sabres game.

Here’s the scoring breakdown:

2 points for predicting correct # of Sabres goals
2 points for predicting correct # of opponent goals
1 point for correctly predicting the winner

That gives you a maximum potential of five points per game. The record for perfect predictions in a season is 12 (Bob Cimini, 2010-11). 

Our top prize for the 2016-17 season is any current NHL jersey of your choice.

Fans of all teams are welcome to participate. Good luck!



You can change the logo that shows up next to your name here. Scroll to the very bottom of that page and update the avatar image.

2016-17 participants:

#ParticipantGPPPPTSLatest Prediction
1Tom BuseckTom Buseck826136--------
2Michael SimpsonMichael Simpson825133--------
3Bob CiminiBob Cimini825132--------
4Tim NullTim Null8110127--------
4Pat ManciniPat Mancini826127--------
4Kyle ZiembaKyle Ziemba825127--------
7Mike PossehlMike Possehl815126--------
7Karen IdzikKaren Idzik814126--------
9Kyle BrownellKyle Brownell813124--------
9Jeff SeideJeff Seide826124--------
11Dan FritzDan Fritz804120--------
11Ashley FreiheitAshley Freiheit825120--------
11Jymie CalarcoJymie Calarco824120--------
14Stephen DeliberisStephen Deliberis827119--------
14Tomo IvovicTomo Ivovic826119--------
14Kevin FreiheitKevin Freiheit822119--------
17Don KiblinDon Kiblin807116--------
17Nancy IdzikNancy Idzik824116--------
19Daniel MaattaDaniel Maatta807114--------
19Felicia KiblinFelicia Kiblin825114--------
21Lou MorettiLou Moretti825108--------
22Steve SeideSteve Seide801104--------
23Scott NewmanScott Newman794103--------
23Doug BairdDoug Baird821103--------
25Eric BeyerEric Beyer754102--------
26Kimberly FisherKimberly Fisher77399--------
27Katie ZiembaKatie Ziemba81398--------
28Will GarryWill Garry70696--------
29Grace VenturaGrace Ventura66294--------
30Steve GrekulakSteve Grekulak63593--------
31Tim ZiembaTim Ziemba77192--------
32Jared RaphaelJared Raphael68387--------
33Bill Scheifla IIIBill Scheifla III62385--------
34Jon VaseyJon Vasey58583--------
35Louie GallardoLouie Gallardo61274--------
36Michael CavMichael Cav39361--------
36Shane McCoyShane McCoy52161--------
38Larry GuinnLarry Guinn38360--------
38Justin GolasJustin Golas49160--------
40Kurtis LanningKurtis Lanning42159--------
41Eric DumaEric Duma39256--------
41Sam WilburSam Wilbur42356--------
43Ryan LangiewiczRyan Langiewicz47255--------
44Anthony MacadloAnthony Macadlo32245--------
45Victoria KozodujVictoria Kozoduj28144--------
46Phil VanChieriPhil VanChieri28243--------
47Pat JohnsonPat Johnson29131--------
48Chuck BaranichChuck Baranich28025--------
49Eric ReenersEric Reeners10124--------
50Steve LashSteve Lash14117--------
51Jon WaltersJon Walters5215--------
51Jonathyn WaltersJonathyn Walters9015--------
51Dave RobinsDave Robins10015--------
54Dane JohnsonDane Johnson5114--------
54Matt EveMatt Eve13014--------
56DJ JamesDJ James3212--------
56Cassandra SchaeferCassandra Schaefer5112--------
56Carmel SchneiderCarmel Schneider6112--------
59Kevin ForneyKevin Forney5111--------
59Samantha SlonSamantha Slon5111--------
59Thomas MundierThomas Mundier5011--------
59Matt StudemeyerMatt Studemeyer10111--------
63Ken KasprzakKen Kasprzak5010--------
63AJ DavisAJ Davis5010--------
63Terry CosterTerry Coster15010--------
66Eric EppsEric Epps519--------
66Blake LewisBlake Lewis709--------
68Ernie LeducErnie Leduc518--------
68Liam SimpsonLiam Simpson508--------
68Dan BertDan Bert508--------
68Shawn LynchShawn Lynch908--------
68Paul FreiheitPaul Freiheit1308--------
73Dan FosterDan Foster507--------
73Mike DeFrancescoMike DeFrancesco507--------
73Chris GarraChris Garra507--------
73Jim AbrahamJim Abraham507--------
77James SalamoneJames Salamone506--------
77Rickey UnderhillRickey Underhill506--------
77Kyle BajorKyle Bajor506--------
77Tim NullTim Null506--------
81Christine KensingerChristine Kensinger505--------
81Kevin SchneiderKevin Schneider505--------
81Taylor HussarTaylor Hussar505--------
81Joshua VanikJoshua Vanik505--------
81Angela PodkowaAngela Podkowa505--------
81T J JarzynieckiT J Jarzyniecki505--------
81Michael SmithMichael Smith505--------
81Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards505--------
89Matthew HoganMatthew Hogan404--------
89Troy AlringerTroy Alringer504--------
89Brian WalterichBrian Walterich504--------
89Colin SullivanColin Sullivan504--------
89Greg WeilandGreg Weiland504--------
89Rod SheridanRod Sheridan504--------
89Rick CardmanRick Cardman504--------
89Ryan MichaelRyan Michael504--------
89Steve PodosekSteve Podosek504--------
89Kevin WaldersKevin Walders504--------
89Paul HelfstPaul Helfst704--------
100John NitscheJohn Nitsche303--------
100Frederick GundellFrederick Gundell503--------
100Mike CeranskiMike Ceranski503--------
100Darryl DirmyerDarryl Dirmyer503--------
100Marsha KabinskiMarsha Kabinski503--------
100Tim EllisTim Ellis503--------
100Kim DevoeKim Devoe503--------
100Victor KajgårdVictor Kajgård503--------
108Joshua GrantJoshua Grant202--------
108Michelle RheinheimerMichelle Rheinheimer502--------
108Sharon WilliamsSharon Williams502--------
108John MartekJohn Martek502--------
112Tom FlynnTom Flynn501--------
112Larry KensingerLarry Kensinger501--------
112Stan CampbellStan Campbell501--------
112Michael VishionMichael Vishion501--------
116Jen ButlerJen Butler100--------
116Steve FrancisSteve Francis100--------
116Esther SmithEsther Smith200--------
116George PietrzykGeorge Pietrzyk500--------

Recent Results:

Apr 9 Buffalo Sabres 2–4 Tampa Bay Lightning

1Tom BuseckTom Buseck2–45
1Pat ManciniPat Mancini2–45
1Jymie CalarcoJymie Calarco2–45
1Daniel MaattaDaniel Maatta2–45
1Tim NullTim Null2–45
1Michael SimpsonMichael Simpson2–45
1Tomo IvovicTomo Ivovic2–45
8Kyle BrownellKyle Brownell2–33
8Stephen DeliberisStephen Deliberis2–33
8Don KiblinDon Kiblin3–43
8Nancy IdzikNancy Idzik1–43
8Scott NewmanScott Newman2–33
8Jeff SeideJeff Seide2–53
8Steve SeideSteve Seide3–43
8Kyle ZiembaKyle Ziemba2–33
8Tim ZiembaTim Ziemba2–33
8Bob CiminiBob Cimini3–43
8Katie ZiembaKatie Ziemba3–43
8Eric BeyerEric Beyer2–33
8Dan FritzDan Fritz3–43
8Karen IdzikKaren Idzik2–33
22Kimberly FisherKimberly Fisher2–12
22Kevin FreiheitKevin Freiheit5–42
24Mike PossehlMike Possehl1–31
24Felicia KiblinFelicia Kiblin1–21
24Ashley FreiheitAshley Freiheit1–51
27Doug BairdDoug Baird4–20
27Lou MorettiLou Moretti4–20

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