Staff Schedule

Game #
110/13/12HomePittsburgh7:00 p.m.Kevin
210/16/12HomeDetroit7:00 p.m.Adam Q.
310/19/12HomeRangers7:00 p.m.Richard
410/20/12AwayIslanders7:00 p.m.Kevin
510/24/12HomeNew Jersey7:30 p.m.Jeff
610/26/12AwayNew Jersey7:00 p.m.Elias
710/28/12HomePhiladelphia5:00 p.m.Kevin
810/30/12AwayBoston7:00 p.m.Caitlin
911/1/12HomePhoenix7:00 p.m.Kevin
1011/3/12HomeCarolina7:00 p.m.Adam Q.
1111/6/12AwayPhiladelphia7:00 p.m.Richard
1211/8/12AwaySan Jose10:30 p.m.Tyler
1311/10/12AwayPhoenix8:00 p.m.Jeff
1411/11/12AwayAnaheim8:00 p.m.Adam Baker
1511/16/12HomePhiladelphia7:00 p.m.Elias
1611/17/12AwayPhiladelphia7:00 p.m.Caitlin
1711/21/12HomeColumbus7:00 p.m.Tyler
1811/24/12AwayIslanders7:00 p.m.Kevin
1911/27/12HomeWinnipeg7:00 p.m.Elias
2011/29/12HomeVancouver7:00 p.m.Adam Q.
2112/1/12AwayBoston7:00 p.m.DJ
2212/3/12AwayToronto7:00 p.m.Caitlin
2312/4/12HomeSan Jose7:00 p.m.Kevin
2412/6/12HomeMontreal7:00 p.m.DJ
2512/8/12AwayMontreal7:00 p.m.Richard
2612/11/12HomeOttawa7:00 p.m.DJ
2712/13/12HomeChicago7:00 p.m.Adam Q.
2812/15/12HomeMontreal7:00 p.m.DJ
2912/17/12AwayMontreal7:30 p.m.Elias
3012/20/12AwayEdmonton9:30 p.m.Kevin
3112/22/12AwayCalgary10:00 p.m.Jeff
3212/23/12AwayColorado8:00 p.m.Adam Baker
3312/26/12HomeWashington7:30 p.m.Richard
3412/28/12AwayMinnesota8:00 p.m.Adam Baker
3512/29/12AwayWinnipeg7:00 p.m.Tyler
3612/31/12HomeOttawa5:00 p.m.Kevin

On the left side of the page, there is a list of all Sabres games until the end of the calendar year.

I’d like for each of you to choose three games that you can cover, that means providing the preview and the recap.

Send me an email with your selections. They will come on a first serve basis, so it’s better to send me your top 5, in that order. I’ll try and update the chart as soon as I receive emails.

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