SHC Social

Here at Sabres Hockey Central, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the latest Sabres news and information. We offer multiple ways for fans to subscribe and get information quickly:

Facebook– Probably our biggest fan base from a social network is through Facebook. We have over 1,700 fans, and we always post updates to Facebook. By “Liking” SHC on Facebook, you will get updates of new articles, game previews and recaps, statistics, polls and final scores delivered to your news feed.

Twitter– SHC is now on Twitter. For those of you that don’t use Facebook often, Twitter is an easy way to keep track of the lastest Sabres news. The Twitter account is synced with the Facebook page, so any update on one will also be posted on the other.

Youtube – Kevin creates highlight videos of the Sabres, which are usually done at the end of each month. You can view them all on the youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe and leave comments. Check out the videos of this past season.

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