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Sabres Jersey Concepts

What will the team’s jerseys look like in 2020-21?

The Sabres already announced that the royal blue color will be included in the team’s 2020-21 color scheme. There haven’t been any other details about the jerseys or when they might start showing us sneak peeks.

We’re definitely eager to see what they come up with, but there was word that they will keep the Golden Anniversary jersey for another season. This means that we should expect new home and away jersey, and possibly another 3rd jersey in a couple of years.

We’ve compiled some great jersey concepts from all kinds of fans and designers, and we’ll keep adding to this page as we find them.

Concept # 1 – By Jim Liberatore

This is a great take on what we might expect for the primary jerseys from a color standpoint. The diagonal lines may represent the swords going across the sleeves and around the waist, which is a nice touch.

I personally really like the 3rd jersey here, but it does resemble the Nashville Predators jersey. Still, I’d be happy with all three of these.

Concept # 2 – By Jim Liberatore

This is a little cleaner than the first concept without the diagonals everywhere. This switches up the blue and gold stripes in numerous places and makes the shoulders the opposite color.

The third navy blue jersey looks sharp!

Concept #3 – By Jordan Santalucia

This is a simpler design compared to the one above, but still highlights those teams colors strongly, and they look really nice. These may be more realistic expectations, especially given that these fit well with the Adidas representation.

Maybe these would be better with some shoulder patches, but the design is simple and effective, and I would think this would (hopefully) be close to what the Sabres come up with.

Concept #4 – By Nick Burton

These jerseys give a good look at the team’s color scheme throughout the franchise’s history minus the red and black. There is nothing too flashy about these ones but it’s not too far off from what they currently have. It’d be replacing the current gold anniversary jersey with that yellow one, and then bringing back something close to the original.

Concept #5 – By Dakota Pitts

This design doesn’t have many surprises to it but gets the royal blue point across. They look nice, and I might change the shoulder patches to a Buffalo.

Concept #6 – By @KP8Design 

These are very similar to Jordan’s from above but have some slight variations. A white stripe along the waist and arms and shoulder patches are the biggest differences.

The primary blue color appears to be a bit darker in this one, but it’s not a bad look overall. Again, this should be the general model the team should follow.


One-off Jersey Concepts:

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