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In The Box

We will Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final as our championship.


What games are designated as contest games?

Oct. 3rdPenguins@tlad44online
Oct. 14thStarsCassidy Rogers
Oct. 22ndSharksJames Cain
Nov. 8thLightningSamantha Robinson
Dec. 2ndDevilsSteven Czerniak
Dec. 5thFlamesMike Wood
Dec. 17thMaple LeafsJoe Hadeka
Dec. 19thFlyersJoshua Litwiller
Dec. 23rdSenatorsJoyce Gardner Pignone
Jan. 14thKnightsJon Lake
Jan. 16thStarsSean D Fitzpatrick
Jan. 28thSenatorsStacey DeRoller
Feb. 4thAvalancheMarlene Hill Degain
Feb. 11thRed WingsRob Barger
Feb. 13thBlue JacketsJohn Jarnot
Feb. 29thCoyotesKristin Ulrich
Mar. 9thCapitalsJen Harrison
Aug. 12thPHI vs. MONAnthony Kurdziel
Round 2TB vs. BOSMarlene Hill Degain
Round 3NYI vs. TBDan Guard
Round 3VGK vs. DALThomas Young
Round 4TB vs. DALChampionship

How it works


We’ve pre-selected 21 games for this upcoming season. On the morning of those games, we will post an empty slate right here, or on both our Facebook page and Twitter account, letting you know the entries are open. It will look something like this:

How do you choose who gets a box?

We’ll choose 20 entries AT RANDOM. About an hour before puck drop, we’ll post the boxes filled in with names.

Based on the final score of the game, we’ll have our winner!

What can I win?

The winner will be automatically entered into our championship slate of boxes, which is a final In The Box contest that occurs for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. The winner of that final contest gets a Buffalo Sabres jersey!

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