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Updated: August 3, 2012

If you’re a hardcore hockey fan, you’ll know that one of the biggest frustrations in life can be falling behind in your knowledge of the sport as information overloads take you down a long road flooded with stats, gossip and commentary when you’re trying to focus on one team, competition or player at a time. So how do you keep your brain from giving up?

1) RSS feeds

Your own personalised list of news sources, listed in a client that makes it look like a quick-click list of headlines sound better than the bottomless pit that is your average search engine adventure? Then RSS feeds are the answer. Whether you read about hockey, the stock market or partypoker, you’re going to thank the skies when you realise that a good RSS feed means being able to quickly find the news you care about, all within one window.

2) Twitter

Don’t worry – no one’s asking you to tweet. You can, if you like, but you can also stay silent and follow a ton of relevant accounts to stay on top of the latest news. Even better, follow a few hockey players to get an idea of just how much you can learn from their daily 140-character updates.

3) Forums

They may be rife with rumour and debate (we say debate, we mean argument with the fiery aggression of a thousand volcanoes), but they’re also a good way to put your ear to the ground and see what’s going on, what’s important to the fans, and to see various rumours and odd stats debunked by a committed community. Never a bad idea, even if you’re just a lurker (registered, but never posting).

These are just a few ideas, but of course, they’re topped by the best one of all – this site. We’re here, we’re regular, and you won’t find pointless information or anything a hockey fan wouldn’t want covered, simply because we’re all hockey fans ourselves. So feel free to take on board the above advice, but remember – we’re you’re first stop.

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  1. Adam Q

    August 22, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    Darrell, They are indeed all free. Twitter and most forums are very free, you just need to sign up. RSS feeds will require you to go to the site and click on the RSS button (looks like a little sonar, usually orange). Having a feed reader will help organize the RSS feeds.

    Some sites to help are,, and

    As a shameless plug: There is a brand new Sabres forum opening at if you are interested in starting out fresh.


  2. Sabres8334

    August 17, 2012 at 9:23 PM

    May I suggest the site Kevin often posts on that website and you will get the latest info on everything trending in the league including trade rumors. The website is free except if you want “Season Tickets” I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep up with all hockey news.

  3. darrell

    August 16, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    iam a 60 year old retired sabres fan since year one.these feeds you talk about,are they all free?i can’t seem to get enough sabre info.i do cruzz the net for as much info as i can get.always looking for more.please email me with any suggested sights.also very worried about the looming hockey strike.keeping all fingures crossed.bye and thankyou .looking forward to your reply.

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