Mr. Intangible: Chris Drury

After seeing Sunday’s USA performance, I got Chris Drury on my mind. He played a fantastic game. His play on the penalty kill, clearing pucks from Miller’s crease and his leadership on the ice really stood out. He was even the first player to hug Miller and congratulate him on a stellar performance.

To quote Eleven in the Olympic thread: “Intangible was on top of Miller as soon as the last whistle blew. Wow. I’m betting NYR doesn’t want him; who wants him back and at what price?”

So, what does everyone here think? Dismissing clear logic that the chance of him coming home is a million to one, would you want to see Drury back in blue and gold? What would you be willing to part with?

Me, I’d be willing to part with Derek Roy. At this point in his career, it seems like Derek Roy has hit a ceiling. I think it may be safe to say that what you see is what you get. I’m not sold on his ability to be a number one center, and I grow tired of the Maxim inspired play style has has adopted as of late (even if Lindy seemingly hasn’t). The one thing Roy has going for him is that he’s a good deal contract wise.

NYR would jump at the chance to have Derek Roy on their squad, as they desperately need more offense. Pretty boy Roy would love it in the city, even though he may miss his buddy Clarke Macarthur.

Drury would bring us all the intangibles that we need to make a deep playoff run. His contract is ridiculous, but it’s not impossible to accommodate. Drury wouldn’t be afraid to take it to slackers either; I have a feeling all the youngin’s would up their play with Chris on top of them in the locker room. I’d bet my bottom dollar Vanek turns things around. I’d even pair them together on the ice.

Let me put it this way: Who would you rather have on the team? Chris Drury or Derek Roy?

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