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New Third Jersey?

It has been rumored that the Sabres will change jerseys yet again at the beginning of next season. Buffalo will use their current third jerseys as the home ones for next year. A new, white away jersey will be created with the original logo.

As for the third jersey, here is a basic idea of what it will look like. A uniform website, Icethetics, has leaked this picture and it is not a final decision of what the jerseys will look like.

Either way, Sabres fans will have a few more options when it comes to buying jerseys. When the Sabres went from the black and red to the “slug”, fans bought out all of the jerseys very quickly, even though some may not have approved the logo.

Then again, there were many protests against the “slug”, including many website that had petitions with electronic signatures stating that they dislike the logo. Maybe all of that work has finally gotten to the Buffalo Sabres Organization.

We want to hear what you think of the jersey. Post a comment with your thoughts.

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