Leaving Before the Buzzer

Wednesday night’s game against Montreal was the perfect of example of a time when fans should not leave a hockey game early. If the Chris Drury goal with 7.7 seconds left to go against the Rangers in the playoffs taught Buffalo fans anything, it was just that.

Though, how many empty seats were there as the clock began to run down? Just how many people got up to leave to beat traffic because they didn’t think the Sabres could pull it off?

People who didn’t believe, that’s what.

Now mind you, watching the game made me extremely frustrated. To watch the Sabres try and dangle the puck over the blueline individually while the Habs were up 2-0 was aggravating.

They either tried to go for the pretty play or they didn’t make good dump ins with the puck. In the second period, they were getting shots through but Carey Price was holding down the fort in net. It just looked as if Montreal was heading home with two points and the Sabres would wonder why they played so poorly that evening.

Fast forward to about three and a half minutes left on the clock. Ryan Miller was pulled for the extra attacker and the Sabres had a power play as well.

Tim Connolly scored on that man advantage. This is where you as a fan sit there and think ‘too little, too late. Montreal can get the empty net here and ruin the chance of a comeback.’ A little bit later, Paul Gaustad gets a rebound in and the game is tied at two.

If I was a fan that had gotten up to leave at that moment and was already outside, I would have kicked myself. The Sabres managed to do what you thought was the impossible with this current team and you’re were outside. You couldn’t even go back in to see what happened in the extra period and the shootout. Basically, you were screwed.

This is why (as a fan who has attended many Sabres games this season) I have never once left early. I have stuck through with them thick and thin, no matter how bad the score might turn out in the end. You just don’t know if the impossible may happen. If Wednesday night was any kind of sign, the impossible can happen.

Have you ever left a game early? We want to hear your thoughts. Post a comment under this article and tell us what you think.

Shelby Griswold
Shelby Griswoldhttp://puckovertheglass.blogspot.com
I'm Shelby, and I am nineteen years of age. I'm attending the University of Buffalo as a International Business major. I grew up watching and learning the game of hockey, and I watch the Sabres religiously. I don't approve of puck over the glass delay of game penalties, ice girls/dancers, pink jerseys or taking fighting out of the game.
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