Who’s Ready For Playoffs!?

One 0f the most exciting times of the year is finally back in Buffalo (well, almost). It’s been three years since the Sabres have made the postseason, and while we may not have Briere or Drury, we have Ryan Miller and balanced scoring.

Regardless of how Buffalo does in the playoffs, at least they made it. The games are much more intense, and life begins to evolve around them if it hasn’t already. Restaurants, stores, and businesses began to close due to Sabres game, especially toward the 3rd and 4th rounds. The whole city of Buffalo will grow its playoff beards and be tuned it for the games.

The expectations may not be the same as in prior years, but the thrill of playoffs is still here. Many people may not be expecting the team to go far, but anything can happen in the playoffs. Maybe the Sabres can compete with teams like Washington, Pittsburgh, or New Jersey. Maybe the Capitals won’t make it past the first or second round.

It seems like a long shot for the Sabres to make it to the cup. In reality, any team can advance. Last year, we saw the #1 Sharks get knocked out in the first round. The same can happen this year, even to Buffalo.

Who knows how far the Sabres will go? As long as they don’t get swept in the first round, it’s fine. The playoffs are a lot of fun and will be worth the wait. While we don’t know who the Sabres will play yet, there are some matchups that could be very intriguing.

The Sabres and Senators could meet again, although Ottawa has owned Buffalo since the brawl in 2007. Buffalo and Philadelphia would be a rough match as well, but fans would love to see Briere back.

Buffalo’s coaching staff better hope for a deep run this season, or they may be done. Darcy Regier has upset the fans, and something needs to change if the Sabres don’t succeed. Eventually, it will be time for Ruff to go as well.

If you have a night job, be prepared to put in for some shifts off. Once the schedule is released, you better get gamenights off. Get ready for the pregame parties, intense games, downtown riots, the hangovers, and plenty of fans going crazy.

Bring back section 400 and get the playoff parties ready. Playoff hockey is back in Buffalo!

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