Thank You Sabres!

On Saturday night, Thomas Vanek scored 4 goals and the Buffalo Sabres finally slayed the dreaded Ottawa Senators. HUGE WIN. Let me re-emphasize that one more time: HUGE WIN. A huge win for Miller (41st win of the season, setting a career high in wins), a huge win for Thomas Vanek (hopefully he finally gets his mojo back) and a HUGE win for the team. The 500 pound gorilla is finally off their back, and they can breathe easy knowing Ottawa ISN’T invincible.

The Sabres have passed the 100 point threshold, and that is truly a remarkable accomplishment. I’ve ragged on this team all season long. I, more than anyone else, have been very critical of this Sabres squad. Yet, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m truly impressed at what this team has done.

They’re bringing playoff hockey back to Buffalo after all these years. Finally, on those wonderful spring nights of the post season, I’ll have my home team to root for.

Congrats on an AWESOME season Sabres:

Miller, you’ve bee nothing short of PHENOMENAL all season long. During your Olympic run with Team USA, you awed an entire continent. Watching you mind your net has been a treat all year long; the Vezina is all yours. You are truly an inspiration to all Buffalonians. A leader on and off the ice, your contributions to Buffalo are heavily appreciated. You’ve finally ascended to the rank of number one goaltender in the world. Congratulations. You deserve it.

Myers, you had a fantastic run kid. You’ve blown everyone away in your rookie campaign, and have to be the sure favorite to win the Calder trophy. The upside in your play is tremendous. I cannot wait to see you continue to grow and develop as a hockey player. It seems you got “the right stuff”. Here’s hoping you grow into the role of a generational defining defenseman.

Congrats to Lindy Ruff too. I’m a constant critic of his, but he’s done a remarkable job at piloting this team back to the playoffs after failing to qualify for the post season in back to back outings. Give em hell in the playoffs Lindy.

Oh and one more thing. I’d like to say that on the behalf of all the season ticket holders, thank you team for an awesome 25-10-6 home record.



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