Sabres Interested In Kaberle

On a Toronto radio station earlier this week, Leafs GM Brian Burke indicated that defenseman Tomas Kaberle is generating some interest throughout the league. Local Toronto radio is reporting that Buffalo was one of two teams that have contacted Brian Burke about acquiring defenseman Tomas Kaberle.

This is a move by the Sabres that makes a great deal of sense. Kaberle is an extremely gifted offensive defenseman and an established power play quarterback. He has one year remaining on his contract, with a cap hit of 4.25 million.

At the trade deadline, I advocated making an aggressive pitch to acquire Kaberle. He would have significantly improved our power play. As many suspected, our struggling power play proved to be our achilles heal in the playoffs.

Other than his keen offensive vision and skills, Kaberle brings some other interesting intangibles:

First, with him at the point, Vanek will instantly score 10+ more goals than last season. Kaberle is a skilled power play quarter back, and a great offensive dman. He’ll get shots to the net. Vanek’s bread and butter on the power play (tipping shots) was in effect not an option for him this season due to the Sabres sub par power play.

Second, Kaberle can mentor Myers and help hone his offensive skills. He’s an elite passer and has great offensive vision. A pairing of Myers and Kaberle could be extremely effective (think of it as a lesser “Pronger/Niedermeyer” combo).

I’d be willing to surrender our 1st round pick to acquire Kaberle. A 1st Round Pick and a prospect not named Ennis or Kennedy.

And if Darcy is willing to make this move, I am excited at other moves he may make in the off season.