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New Jerseys Available Sept. 18

It is expected that the Buffalo Sabres will have some new jerseys for the upcoming season. The “slug” may not be the official logo of the Sabres for much longer. Many fans do not like the current design, and the team has already reverted back to the blue and gold classic logo.

Buffalo is rumored to use something similar to this as the away jerseys. Since this year will be the Sabres 40th anniversary, the team is expected to have new third jerseys as well.

Although the new jersey have yet to be revealed, here is one particular idea that looks pretty nice. It features the classic look of the Sabres uniforms, but is upgraded with the current blue and gold colors. This design could be close to the new away jerseys.

Fans will be able to purchase the third jerseys on September 18th at the Sabres store. What do you think of this particular jersey? Could you see the Sabres using it as their 3rd jersey, or even the away jersey?