A City Desperate For A Cup

Buffalo is a city which at one point thrived and was one of the biggest in the country. It is no secret that Buffalo is on the decline and is need of some hope. Buffalo’s professional football team, the Bills made four straight Super bowl appearances in the early 90’s, but haven’t made the playoffs in 11 years.

The constant thing that has occurred for the city is that when the Sabres are playing, the city stops.  Many have lost faith in the Bills, but only few have lost faith in their beloved Sabres. The issue is how long can fans be dragged around in Buffalo being promised next year when next year still has never came.

The question has been raised whether or not Sabres management has the same desire as the city does to win a Stanley Cup. The Sabres, who came into the league in 1970, will be entering its 40th season with zero Stanley Cups and just two finals appearances, which both ended in heartbreak.

Buffalo is considered as a blue collar city and the Sabres reflect their blue collar ways on the ice. The Sabres are much under-appreciated in the NHL for their success and how they have always been competitive despite not having ever won the Stanley Cup.

The Sabres are not known for having star names on their team as they rely on role players. As for example, this offseason when Patrick Kane brought the cup home to Buffalo after he won it with the Chicago Blackhawks, it was bitter for Sabres fans.  It was nice to see a Buffalo native to win a cup, but the people of Buffalo won’t be happy until the Blue and Gold get to raise it as a team and an entire city.

With the economy struggling the way it is and no matter what’s going on in people’s days, the fans all come together and tune in every night when a Sabres game is on to listen to Rick Jeannerete’s voice. 

A Stanley Cup would be very important to the city as it would give them something to be proud of and something to celebrate about.  Beyond the fact that a Stanley Cup would mean a victory for the team and its first ever championship, it would also mean so much more to lift the entire city up. Ryan Miller, who is the face of the Sabres franchise and the face of team USA is an inspiring player on and off the ice for the Sabres.

This season may be the year the Sabres can bring the cup to Buffalo. However they are not a favorite to win. The Sabres enter this season as under dogs as they are typically considered. This may be the best way to enter the season as they were underrated when entering the 1998-1999 season when they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals that year.

The underdog mentality might be what the team likes and what they are used to and the city is used to.  Entering this 40th season of Sabres hockey in Buffalo it would be very nice to see the Sabres get a win for their team and for the entire city to bring the first professional sports championship to Buffalo.


Jon Walters
Jon Walters
Hi my names Jon, im 19 years old and i attend Niagara University for Sport Management.
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