How to turn the Sabres around

The Sabres dismal record to start the season of 5-9-3 during the first 17 games of the season has not left Sabres fans with a good taste in their mouth.  The team has half heartedly showed up in the 17 games, and had few impressive performances.

Overall, the poor performance from the offense and defense and the less than stellar games from Miller have left Sabres fans in confusion. Tyler Myers lack of play can be blamed on not having Henrik Tallinder by his side anymore but it must be solved at some point.

Vanek’s lack of effort and lack of production in the goal column doesn’t look good for a player who is making the most on the team and only has tallied seven points.

Derek Roy has been the only player who has exceeded his play by scoring 18 points in the first 17 games. Questions have been raised about what the Sabers must do to solve the problem and stop poor play from continuing so they can make a turn around and make the playoffs.

Should Lindy Ruff be fired? Lindy is not the problem on the team but the team certainly needs a shakeup but the Blue and Gold are not a better team without Lindy behind the bench. Lindy is the best coach for the team out of those who are available. Lindy brings the experience and knowledge to bring the team around and he certainly can’t do everything as the players must do their job and win games.

Should Darcy Regier lose his job? With the slow start to the season it shows that Regier did not make the correct moves to put the pieces together. Regier’s lack of moves in the offseason might end up costing him his job if he does not correct the problem soon.

Should Craig Rivet be stripped of his captaincy? If Rivet has not done his job in the locker room to get the team focused enough to win  then he is not the right man for the job. Paul Gaustad may be a better answer or even Mike Grier as being the new captain of the team.

It is known widely who the real leader of the Sabres is and that is none other than Ryan Miller.  Miller is the voice of the team and Buffalo should consider making him the honorary captain much like how Vancouver has done with Roberto Luongo.

Does the team need to add a player in a trade or free agency to create a spark? The team looks like they need an extra push of effort and a spark to the team to increase the scoring and to help solidify the defense. The defense should be fine with time as they become more used to playing with each other.

When Miller becomes healthy will get his game back to the top of his level but how long of a wait will it be until he plays the ability he is expected to. A top six forward would be a great addition like a Jeff Carter from Philadelphia who will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

David Backes of St. Louis and Brad Richards of Dallas would be great additions. The team doesn’t need to make a huge splash and get a top notch player but a little move might get the team motivated to win some games.

Jon Walters
Jon Walters
Hi my names Jon, im 19 years old and i attend Niagara University for Sport Management.
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