Drury’s Next Destination?

With the announcement of the New York Rangers expected to buy out Chris Drury, the chatter about him returning to Buffalo has exploded. Some fans don’t want him back, and others do.

Yes, Drury left Buffalo to go to the team he always wanted to play for, which ended a memorable era in Sabres history. His production declined and he was often injured, so would it be a good idea to bring him back?

If you were Drury, would you want to comeback? Things have certainly changed since he left, and it is doubtful he could continue to be “captain clutch”, but is it worth a shot?

Mike Grier said he came back to Buffalo because he liked the direction the team was going. Drew Stafford said similar things when he signed his recent contract extension. Would Drury do the same?

It would definitely make for an interesting story, but it would also be an awkward situation. He’d get a mixed reaction from the crowd. Plus, nobody would know if HSBC Arena was booing him or “druuuuuuu”-ing him.

Now, with Terry Pegula in office, and Darcy Regier free of restraints, will the Sabres attempt to sign him once he becomes a free agent?

Drury played three seasons in Buffalo before heading to the Rangers. He collected at least 30 goals and 60 points twice, something he has yet to accomplish since he left. His stint with the Rangers hasn’t gone exactly as planned and at the age of 35, how much does he have left?

It is a new era of Sabres hockey, so why not bring him back? Sign him to a one year contract for three million a year and put him on the 3rd line. If it doesn’t work, then be done with it.

Just having his presence on the ice and in the locker room would be beneficial for the team. He is a leader and the Sabres need not only that, but a center.

I don’t think the Sabres will bring him back, but I hope that they do. If Pegula is as big as a fan as he says he is, that might help Drury’s chances of returning.

Maybe Drury doesn’t want to return at all. What do you think? Vote in the poll or leave a comment below.

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Kevin Freiheit
Kevin Freiheit
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