Myers for Getzlaf?

Per WGR, Anaheim does not want Derek Roy nor Drew Stafford. They want Calder winning future stud Tyler Myers.

A deal may be on the table that would put Getzlaf in a Sabres jersey by tomorrow night.

Ryan Getlzaf is undeniably an elite talent and the first line center the Sabres have yearned for since the departure of Danny Briere. He is big, he hits, he has silky smooth hands and would look pretty damn good in between Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville.

Tyler Myers however has the potential and talent to develop into a top three dman in the league. The presence of an elite dman is arguably the most important component of a cup caliber team (see Chara, Pronger, Lidstrom, etc). An elite dman can set the pace and tone of any game.

“Getzlaf is 26 years old and won a Stanley Cup. He’s won a Gold Medal in the Olympics for Team Canada. For the past four seasons he has more points than games played. He has 318 points in 291 games. He is Anaheim’s captain. He’s 6’4 and goes 220.

You can argue he’s Anaheim’s best player so you really think Roy and Stafford get this trade done?

Here’s the asking price as of now, it’s Tyler Myers. If Darcy parts with his prized defenseman Getzlaf can be in a Sabres uniform by tomorrow against the Leafs. The Ducks are saying we’ll give you our best player if you give us yours. Now you decide if that’s a trade you’d make.”
-Paul Hamilton

So, if you’re GM Darcy Regier, do you pull the trigger on this momentous trade?

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