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Pominville An All-Star

Two Sabres players have been named to this year’s All-Star events in Ottawa.

Sabres captain, Jason Pominville, was named an All-Star. Pominville has 14 goals and 29 assists for 43 points in 42 games this season.

Luke Adam was selected to the rookie all-star team. Adam has played in all 42 games this season for Buffalo, scoring 10 goals and 10 assists.

Many Sabres fans are wondering….What about Vanek? Only so many forwards can be named, but how could the skip Vanek?

Vanek has 19 goals and 21 assists for 40 points this season, all in 42 games.

It’s important to remember that Vanek could have requested not to go. He probably needs the rest and that could be a reason he wasn’t named an all-star.

Even if Vanek has not been named to the team now, there is still a chance he can become one, due to other players being injured.

For now, the Sabres will send Pominville and Adam to Ottawa for the ASG events. Congratulations and good luck to them!

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