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What is a fan? A Fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person with a liking and enthusiasm for something, such as a band or a sports team. I consider myself a fan. However, compared to this young man’s car I am a sad sack of a fan.

Just over a year ago, I went to a public autograph signing to see Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta. While there, I saw something that I could not believe. A Sabres car. I am not talking about Kaleta’s Escalade, or the limo they may have sent him in. I am talking about a SABRES CAR!

While walking over to get my autograph, I see a 1995 Buick LeSabre, or at least what remained of the vehicle.

It was covered front to back, inside and out with Sabres decorations and hockey related items.

Starting on the inside, the vehicle is painted on all the trim panels in the blue and gold, along with the rear seat covered in a blue Sabres blanket.

The rear window is a piece of a hockey netfastened to the inside.

The exterior is even more unique, with the car completely paint in the Sabre blue, and trim areas painted in gold.

The hood is covered with a large vinyl classic Sabre emblem. The roof has a large gold ‘B’ with the Sabres sword going through the center, similar to the shoulder patch on the slug jersey.

The trunk lid, as well as both front doors have Buffalo Sabre emblems on them in large vinyl lettering.

The side door moldings have been removed, and replaced with a hockey stick cut in half and mounted in their place on either side. The blade of the stick starts right at the front door and the handle ends on the rear door.

The vehicle also has a custom made spoiler with pucks fastened together and stacked on either side of the rear edge of the trunk lid, and then 2 goalie sticks have been painted and cut to form a spoiler across the back of the trunk. This my friends, is not even the coolest part…

When Patrick Kaleta saw the car, his reaction was genuine and of real interest. He immediately offered to sign the dashboard of the vehicle, which is a clean white surface just for such occasions.

This was seen at the time as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and Brian (the owner of the car) could not pass it up. What are the chances that he will ever get another player to sign the car.

I have remained in contact with Brian, and have attended Amerks games with him, as well as the Craig Charron annual charity game held in Rochester, NY.

Brian drove his vehicle down to Tampa Bay, FL for a game against the Lightning on October 22, 2011.

While there, he parked his car near the player entrance at St. Pete Times Forum. As the players were coming in, Brian was able to have multiple players sign the vehicle at that time.

Overall, the vehicle has been signed by Patrick Kaleta, Steve Montador, Nathan Gerbe, Tyler Ennis, Thomas Vanek, Tyler Myers, Jason Pomminville, Craig Rivet, Paul Gaustad, Drew Stafford, Lindy Ruff, James Patrick and Ryan Miller.

I think the best part of the story, is when Darcy Regier came out of the Forum he ran into Brian and his car. Darcy had already known about the vehicle as the players were talking about it in the arena after signing it in the parking lot.

When I asked Brian if I could write this article, he was excited. At a time when we question the players, management and heart of this team, it is a cool side story to an exciting 2011 for the Buffalo franchise and all fans.

“I feel the car brings a lot of excitement to people about the team and gets people in the mood for hockey. The car is a one of a kind and stands out.

It has gotten many compliments and even had its Facebook Page created. The car has been a great joy and people never have to question my fan hood,” as Brian said to me when talking about this article.

I want to thank Brian, for allowing me to share his story, and also Sabres Hockey Central for allowing me to publish it.

You can “like” Buffalo Sabres Car on Facebook as it has its own page. I have also pasted the link below to The 7th man video showing the Sabre car in action. Give him a like, and spread the word.

Go Sabres.


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Adam Lindsay
Adam Lindsay
Sabres fan. Favorite player was Patrick Roy. Favorite Sabre currently is Tyler Myers. Favorite Sabre all time is Gilbert Perreault.
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