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Ruff and Regier Staying Here?

The players are there. The acquisitions last summer seemed like they would improve this team. Terry Pegula revamped the arena and locker room, while the team acquired Christian Ehrhoff, Ville Leino, and Robyn Regehr.

However, it hasn’t worked. With players underachieving and almost everyone being hit with an injury, last place for the Sabres is looking more and more like certainty.

I don’t disagree with keeping in Ruff and Regier, regardless of what happens this season. At some point, you have to stop and think, is Ruff’s system really working? He’s been here forever, and yet, we haven’t won it all.

At least they finally won, even though they only managed to score one goal in regulation again. I don’t root for a team to tank the rest of the season and earn a higher pick.

And what’s with Luke Adam not getting much playing time? We’ll see how hime and Pommers do this weekend. The skills competition is probably the only part I’ll watch.