Debate: Good Move to Keep Ruff/Regier?

As we passed along here yesterday afternoon, the Buffalo Sabres have decided to keep head coach Lindy Ruff and General Manager Darcy Regier for their 16th season, respectively.

The rapid response from the readers has sparked quite a debate among many people.

Every person reading this knows the positives and negatives of keeping Lindy and Darcy.

Many people feel it’s just not time for a change because Ruff/Regier have only had one full season under Pegula, where others see that Ruff/Regier have been together for 16 years and they’ve only made it to one Stanley Cup Final.

Others believe that Ruff/Regier have been unlucky in terms of getting players who don’t pan out or get injured, where others see that it’s Regier’s fault for getting the wrong player for the team and Ruff is blamed for not being able to fit a player into the system.

Those were two very plain examples. There are many, many more floating throughout Sabres fans.

What we want you to do is to vote on the poll below and please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe
Administrator/Writer at Sabres Hockey Central.
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