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Looking to raise money for Iphone app

Sabres Hockey Central has been running for four years, and I can’t tell you how many people have requested an Iphone app. It is something that I have looked into, but realized it will cost a hefty amount of money.

In order to create a professional, nice looking app, it’s going to cost about $600. Rather than having advertisements on the site, I’m hoping readers can help out with this, by donating money to the site.

You can donate via paypal any amount that you choose. However, anyone who donates $30 or more will receive a free 2012-2013 SHC calendar this summer.

The app would include everything that is already on the site, plus some bonus features. It would be something that almost no fan run websites have – a professional iphone app.

Any donation would be appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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