Your perfect NHL – Part 3

This is part three of this week’s “what would your perfect NHL look like?”

Tuesday – Part 1 (Season length and divisions)
Wednesday – Part 2 (Overtime/shootout and Penalties in overtime)

These will be the final two topics. Tomorrow we will review what the voters have decided.

Here are today’s topics:


Point system: This has been talked about by a lot of fans, and for good reason. Why should a team get one point for losing a game in a shootout or overtime? I believe a big reason for this is that it makes playoff races much more interesting. Teams are often separated by just a point and it creates more suspense, which is good for the NHL. I would keep the point system how it is, but I would add one more twist. I would add that if a team wins in regulation, then it gets three points, instead of two. Here’s what I had in mind:

Win in regulation = 3 points
Win in overtime/shootout = 2 points
Lose in regulation = 0 points
Lose in overtime/shootout = 1 point

This way there are three points being awarded in every game. Winning a game in regulation would become much more important. I don’t like to see both teams playing to get to overtime. This system could allow desperate teams to pull the goaltender in the third period and try to get all three points. It’s an interesting point system that I believe may be more effective.

Playoff teams: As of right now, I believe that it is way too easy to make the playoffs in the NHL. I say that after a year in which Buffalo missed the postseason. What I mean is that over half of the NHL makes the playoffs, which is too many teams in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love playoff hockey. It is a whole different level of hockey, but I don’t think 16 of 30 teams should make it.

Then again, I don’t want to see the playoff format changed dramatically. Allowing less teams would alter the playoff format and potentially the number of rounds. What’s your view on this?


Kevin Freiheit
Kevin Freiheit
I founded Buffalo Hockey Central in 2008 and have poured hours and hours into this site. Luckily, we have a great team of writers and designers who have helped keep this up and running despite a ton of out-of-pocket costs. We do this because we enjoy it, and we're desperate to see the Sabres win the Cup someday, but they have to make the playoffs first.
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