Playoff odds not in Sabres favor


The Buffalo Sabres can see the regular season finish line in the immediate distance. The long standing question is whether or not they’ll join the playoffs as one of the eight Eastern Conference representatives.

The Sabres find themselves four points out of 8th place with 8 games remaining, the odds are not on Buffalo’s side.

Although the Sabres are within reaching distance of the 8th spot, they mathematically have a slim chance of moving on.

According to Sports Club Stats, Buffalo currently has a 2.3% chance of making the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Throughout most of the regular season, Buffalo lingered in the bottom three of the Eastern Conference. They’ve found themselves out of the conference’s basement due to recent success, coupled with a disastrous losing streak from the Carolina Hurricanes.

With aforementioned factors, the Sabres also seem to be a recipient of good luck throughout this shortened season, which has helped put the franchise in contention for a playoff spot.

Following another disheartening loss, this time to Winnipeg, the air has begun to be let out of the room.

With 11 regulation or overtime wins, tied for second-worst in the league, the Sabres are essentially guaranteed no tiebreakers for the 8th position.

At their current pace, it is projected that the Sabres would need to finish the season at 7-1-0 to have a 56.9% chance at the playoffs.

That would mean the Sabres would have to play flawless hockey all while hoping they get the necessary help needed to move up in the standings.

When looking for that help, the outlook is bleak at best.

The current 7th and 8th place Islanders and Rangers find themselves looking at around an 75% probability of making the playoffs, and those numbers rise for the other six franchises as you move up the standings.

The annual late season dash for the playoffs by the Sabres seems to be a nice touch for the disgruntled fans, but seems like the dash will come up just a little too late.

Do you think it is too little too late for the Buffalo Sabres? Or do you believe they can pull off the improbable and make the playoffs? Let us know what you think!


Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe
Administrator/Writer at Sabres Hockey Central.
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