Is Miller’s time up in Buffalo?

Ryan Miller, statistically the best goaltender in Sabres franchise history, seems as if his time with the organization could be coming to an end soon.

Throughout the most of this shortened NHL season, rumors have been abundantly flying around regarding Miller’s future.

millerFollowing last night’s embarrassing loss to the Rangers, things seemed to reach a tipping point.

Prior to his media availability, Miller was moping around the locker room with an understandable disheveled look on his face.

When he spoke, not much changed in his demeanor.

“It’s not about deserving anything,” said Miller, regarding the Rangers’ third goal. “It’s one of the worst plays I’ve made since I’ve been here.”

The media would continue to ask Miller about the fans’ reaction to his lackluster play, including numerous “Bronx Cheers” for Miller while he played the puck.

“I dont understand,” said Miller. “Ok, if they want to mock me for two bad bounces, they can mock me after that horrible play.”

The cheers would continue in the second period following an easy save for Miller. He would be seen raising his glove hand in the air, following the play, as if he was addressing the fans.

“If they can dish it out, they can take it back,” said Miller. “I sat there and took it. You know, I screwed up and made a critical error.”

As the media availability went on, Miller seemed to get more irritated as the questions began to trend towards his future with the Sabres.

When the Buffalo News’ John Vogl pointed out that tonight’s game beared a striking similarity to Hall of Fame goaltender Patrick Roy’s final game with the Montreal Canadiens (allowed 9 goals, acknowledged the fans while being mocked), Miller was very candid.

“I would love to have what happened after that, just saying,” said Miller. “I don’t want to leave but if that’s where you’re getting at, guy won two Stanley Cups after, why not.”

While Miller is very frustrated with himself and this season, he is well aware of why the Sabres fans are not happy.

“They just want to see the team win and we haven’t done it,” said Miller. “It’s been years and years of not getting it done. If they want change, or they’re pissed off, it’s fine. It’s not like we haven’t been searching for a way to satisfy our needs that basically satisfy their needs.”

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Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe
Administrator/Writer at Sabres Hockey Central.
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