Jeanneret diagnosed with throat cancer


Buffalo Sabres broadcaster Rick Jeanneret has announced that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Jeanneret has been in the booth for over 40 years, but plans to return after a few months of treatment, he told the Buffalo News.

“I would like to stress I have every intention of coming back,” said Jeanneret. “I have probably three months ahead of me that aren’t going to be fun. I know they aren’t going to be.”

Jeanneret has been calling fewer and fewer games as part of a deal with Buffalo. While the team hasn’t announced a number of games he was scheduled for this season, we can only hope that Jeanneret’s voice can be heard during games once again this year.

The Sabres have set up an email address for fans to send wishes and encouragement to Jeanneret. If you’d like to send him yours, you can email [email protected]

“I consider this to be a bump in the road and am fully intending to come back and fulfill my obligations to the Sabres,” he said.

Kevin Freiheit
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