An open letter to the 2015-16 NHL season

Dear 2015-2016 NHL season,
Last year’s team-high 51 loss plagued season was a rough one for all of us Blue & Gold fans. We were forced to endure endless pre- and post-game babble about “compete level,” we engaged in heated arguments about the finer points of “tanking,” and we had our faith tested beyond limits we ever knew existed as we bottomed out yet again. Our team finished dead last or next to it in almost every meaningful statistic. Needless to say, your arrival couldn’t come soon enough.
As Buffalonians, the last few years–no, nearly the last decade–has pummeled us into bitter, disgruntled pessimists. Since the distant memories of Lindy’s back-to-back conference finals in 2006 and 2007, your Lucic-like predecessors have bullied us into accepting losing streaks, a helpless power play, and fire sales of fan favorites on Trade Deadline Day. To us the glass isn’t half full or half empty, it’s shattered beyond repair.
Well, the foghorn has sounded and it’s time for all of that to end. We‘re unabashedly drawing an instigator penalty and reawakening the optimist in all of us. Heck, we’re Buffalonians… we’re hard-wired to see opportunity. We drink potential like it’s Gatorade, once populated Pominville and in July, filled an arena to near capacity for an exhibition game. We like Eich.
We long for something to cheer about and you’re finally here. Our hockey duffle bag is filled with hope. (Then again, when you finish in last place, there’s really only one way to go.) Our roster has been thoroughly overhauled. A new coaching staff is in place. And our current 0-0 record is the closest thing to playing .500 hockey we’ve seen in years. We are primed and pumped for your grand entrance.
Blue & Gold fan


Jeff Seide
Jeff Seide
I've been a Sabres fan since my first game in the Aud in '76 against the Habs. I sat in the lower golds for that game and though I've been to close to 400 games, I've never sat as close as I did that night.
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