Familiar feelings surface after early season struggles

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I know, I know, I know… a few games doesn’t make an entire regular season. That’s just foolish to think so. There are 82 games over seven months. It’s a grind. So it’s silly to make a knee-jerk reaction in a season that’s not even a week old. I mean it’s plain ludicrous to think that the first few games are indicative of a complete season.

But… all that aside, I can’t help but having the feeling of déjà vu after first two games.

Already I’ve heard post-game interviews that included: “We need to start better…” and “We just didn’t have our feet under us…” and “It’ll take time to develop chemistry…” and “We need to turn up our compete level.” My heart nearly skipped a beat on that last one. Compete level? I thought we purged that from our vernacular when Ted Nolan was let go.

Fact is, every team has new players on it. Every team has the excitement and jitters of opening night. Just about every line on every team is trying to develop chemistry.

Maybe it’s true that the more things change (nine new faces on opening night), the more they stay the same. So far, in our sample size of two games, the results are awfully similar to where we left off last year. Same for Edmonton and Carolina.

I refuse to admit we’ll be basement dwellers this year. This team’s offense has skill… a real semblance of a “top six” with actual professional-caliber centers. It’s been several years since I could say that with a straight face.

While the defense isn’t stacked, it certainly has some good pieces on it. It’s respectable by league standards.

The obvious and popular sentiment is the giant question mark in goal. Lehner may prove to be the real deal. Like most public opinion, I’m not holding my breath. Nor do I need to, since he’ll be out 6-10 weeks. I say give Linus a chance.

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about how hope can be a dangerous thing. This team is full of hope. Yet as much as hope and optimism is contagious, so is losing.

I’m not ready to hit the panic button. My finger is nowhere near it. After all, it’s only a few games into the season… and I’m just developing chemistry with my new keyboard.

Let’s go Buffalo!

Jeff Seide
Jeff Seide
I've been a Sabres fan since my first game in the Aud in '76 against the Habs. I sat in the lower golds for that game and though I've been to close to 400 games, I've never sat as close as I did that night.
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