Sabres unveil new pricing model


The Buffalo Sabres have announced a new ticket pricing model, doing away with the previous way of ranking games by value and color. 

No longer will the Sabres offer Platinum, gold, silver, bronze and value games.

Instead, the new plan breaks down the 41 home games into three tiers. Of course, there are factors that go into each one, such as opponent, day of the week, etc. 

As of now, the new plan features eight Tier 1 games, 20 for Tier 2 and the remaining 13 for Tier 3.

According to a press release, the main goal of the new model is to adjust ticket prices to better reflect demand throughout the season.

“As fans purchase tickets, the price of each individual game can rise or fall to better reflect the demand for tickets. Ticket prices may decrease below the initial box office price, but will never fall below season ticket prices.”

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