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Jersey mandate

After this season, a new team (Las Vegas) will be in the league. There will also be a new official designer of team uniforms as Adidas will own them. Previously, it was Reebok.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported that all NHL teams will be permitted to have only home and road jerseys next season. There will be no third jerseys, in order to make the initial implementation of new sweaters easier.

For Buffalo, this actually doesn’t hurt them. The Sabres haven’t had a third jersey in a couple of years and have said they don’t plan to until the team’s 50th anniversary, which will come during the 2019-20 season.

This does pose a problem for many other teams around the league, though. As a result, this could have teams redesigning their primary jerseys for next season.

Even if teams don’t redesign, Adidas is planning to implement their three stripes on the jerseys, so some may have bigger changes than others.

We’re also not far from seeing the start of advertisements on jerseys, which could happen very soon.

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