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Pegula holds himself accountable

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula spoke to the media Friday morning a day after two big firings. Head coach Dan Bylsma and general manager Tim Murray were both relieved of their duties.

Here’s some of what Pegula had to say:

“I believe both Murray and Bylsma did a good job in their tenure with the Sabres. I thank both of them for their hard work and dedication.”

“The detailed conversations with Tim, Dan and players, the decisions was made.”

“We are all responsible for our success, but accountability starts with me. There are no excuses.”

“Six years ago I stood here and told Sabres fans that are reason for existence for the Stanley Cup. That remains true.”

Pegula also said the organization needs more discipline. He also said that the reports about Jack Eichel’s discontent is a “complete fabrication.” 

“I was not involved in the last GM/coaching search to a large extent. I regret that.”

“The structure will land depending on the first person we bring in and what his attitude is and what he brings to the team.”

Jeff Crisp will head up our amateur scouting. The pro side will be several people until that person comes in.”

“Experience is going to be a key in our search. The plan is to build a stronger organization, from top to bottom.”

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