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Grant robbed of first NHL goal (again)

Former Sabre still searching for impervious milestone

You remember Buffalo’s preseason phenom Derek Grant, right?

The forward, now with the Anaheim Ducks, has had a hell of a time trying to get his first career goal. While you were sleeping last night, it appeared as if the 27-year-old had finally gotten the huge monkey off his back.

It was a nice tip-in on the power play that would have put the Ducks on top, 4-2.

The only problem was that there was a challenge by the Islanders, and the play was ruled offsides, taking the goal away. Grant has now played 90 games and has seven assists, but is still searching for that first goal.

This isn’t the first time Grant has been robbed by way of a review.

On January 8, with the Nashville Predators, Grant jammed the puck in with a whistle that follows a split second after. However, officially deemed that there was “intent to blow the whistle” and they ruled that it was no goal on the play. Take a look:

It’s laughable, but you can’t help but feel bad for the guy. 

Grant and the Ducks host the Sabres this Sunday.

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