Top 10 Sabres Jerseys

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Nothing Special

10. Current Home Blue Uniforms (2010-Present)

These uniforms are just okay. The piping that has been removed certainly helps the jersey a bit, but overall the dark blue just kind of gets lost on TV and doesn’t pop much, especially in an age where color shows so well with today’s technology. As a 3rd jersey, these could work, but there is a reason Sabres fans are clamoring for royal blue to come back.

9. Buffalo Head White Uniforms (1997-2006)

These are decent looking uniforms that try a little too hard to mix classic elements like the shoulder yoke with new age stripes and cuts. The black version is far superior and looks much sharper. With that said, there is a generation of fans who will hearken back to Dominik Hasek and Michael Peca with these.

Interesting Elements That Look Good

8. Buffalo Head Red 3rd Jerseys (2000-2006)

You have to give credit to the Sabres for making a third jersey that was unique and shows quite well. I was never a huge fan of the font in the striping, but the rest of the jersey looked really sharp. There are still fans who wish the Sabres would bring this out from time to time, and good luck trying to buy one of these online. They’re in high demand.

7. Current Away White Uniforms (2010-Present)

These show really well whether in person or on TV and in general look far closer to what I think most fans want to see. The white allows the yellow and even the dark blue to show quite well, especially compared to the home version.

6. Home Buffalo Slug Jerseys (2007-2010)

The dark blue home versions with the buffalo slug always had a sleekness that I had to give the team credit for and you will see many youth teams that wear similar dark blue mockups. At the time, these were very popular jerseys and I always felt people loved the dark uniforms because they did have a nice look (minus the actual logo).

These Look Really Good

5. Winter Classic 2017 Jersey

When these were unveiled I think many fans wished there was a royal blue version to go with it. From the classic double striping to the colors, to the old school buffalo side patch, these are really nice uniforms. Sadly, the Sabres only used them for the 2017-2018 season and they were retired after. Hopefully something similar returns soon.

4. Buffalo Head Black Uniforms (1996-2006)

If the Sabres were to unveil this as a 3rd jersey today, the sales would be through the roof. These uniforms had a sleekness to them that just wore so well and as a whole, it was a very well-balanced jersey despite its’ new-style look at the time.

The sword through the B is one of the Sabres better logos ever and something I wish they would still use in some capacity. Even though the colors are not the historic blue and gold, these somehow have a great nostalgia to them between the success the team had and just the overall look.

3. Away Uniforms (1970-1996)

They are gems of uniforms and the current fan push to bring this back shows how popular this look and color was. There is not a lot to say these are pretty close to perfect.


2. 40th Anniversary Blue Uniforms (2010-2012)

The Sabres 40th anniversary Buffalo mixed their classic royal blue colors with vintage jersey elements and the old Buffalo Bisons script. What came out is something which somehow looked better than the royal blue digs the Sabres wore from 1970-1996. Whether it is the nameplate, the logo with the script that just pops a bit more, or the striping, these truly are great looking uniforms that somehow improved on a nearly perfect look from the past.

1. Home Uniforms 1970-1996 (2004 & 2007)

There is a reason these jerseys were the ones picked for the first Winter Classic in 2007 and Tom Golisano brought the jerseys out for the final game in the 2002-03 season. These uniforms are as perfect as it gets.

Dishonorable Mentions

Half Yellow Half Blue 3rd Jerseys (2013-2015)

Up until 2013, the Sabres had a relatively clean uniform history with nothing too bold. They had respectable-looking uniforms throughout their history. UNTIL the Turdburger came in 2013. From start to finish, this jersey is awful and the unveiling was just as bad. The uniform lasted just two seasons before being retired at the end of 2015.

Away Buffalo Slug Jerseys (2006-2010)

The Buffalo slug logo is what most people think of with these uniforms, but truthfully these uniforms were not bad, they just were a little off-balance color-wise compared to the blue versions. Many Sabres fans at least get a little nostalgia looking at these thanks to the Drury/Briere era with them.


Craig Mazuchowski
Craig Mazuchowski
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