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John Scott shares story of choking out Risto

Former Sabre accidentally did this to Ristolainen

Last week, John Scott told the story of how he choked out Rasmus Ristolainen in the locker room a few years ago.

Ristolainen was drafted 8th overall in 2013 and was Buffalo’s top pick heading into the season. That season, John Scott played in what turned out to be his final year in Buffalo.

Risto “attacked” Scott with his jockstrap after a practice one day, putting up to his face and Scott playfully wanted to get back at him.

You can listen to the story below:

Ristolainen called in to the show from Finland and confirmed that this actually happened. Risto has apparently been working out in Spain and called in for a few minutes.

You can listen to the podcast here as Risto and Scott discuss the event. They also touch on trade rumors, the team’s current state, and how many head coaches Risto has had already.

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