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Mogilny misses out on 2020 HOF class

Former Sabre will have to continue waiting

The Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2020 was announced on Wednesday, but it didn’t include Alexander Mogilny, who had a chance to be in it.

Mogilny will have to wait until 2021, at least.

Mogilny’s best span of his career came during his first six years, all of which were in Buffalo. He went on to have a 107-point season in Vancouver, and further in New Jersey and Toronto, but nothing will match the 76-goal year (in 77 games) he had in 1992-93.

He put up 127 points, 48 which came on the power play, en route to tying Teemu Selanne with 76 goals that season.

The rookie, Selanne, ended up with a higher point total at 132.

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